paintball drop in

In our park, you don't need a group if you wish to play paintball. 2 times on week, we have drop in for individuals. Great activities for you and your friends!

For individuals or smaller groups who don't have enough players for play!

For everybody who wants to play but doesn't have enough friends here on Hvar to make a group

You can play it from 12-99 years

Everybody here is usually beginners so you don't need to worry that other players will be better than you :)

All rules will be explained before the game.

We start with package 200 paintballs for everybody and play with it at least 4 games after if anybody wants,  he can buy more paintballs for play.

Our field is different from usual paintball fields, so this is a unique opportunity for you to try it ;)

Except for great adrenaline game, you will also meet a few people there and get friends from at least 2-3 countries all around the world ;)

The best thing is to book in advance if you want to be sure for your place in the team, but you can also drop in and try your luck ;)

Here you can read more about Paintball field 

And here you can find Paintball group packages

Price & inclusions


  • Professional guide

  • Beverages (0,5 per person)

  •  All taxes, fees and handling charges

  • Entrance fees

  • Full equipment for play 

  • 200 paintballs




  • Transportation to/from attractions ( can be booked on request)

  •  Note: Sportswear is recommended

FROM 15.6-15.9. 2019




PRICE: 180 KN  ( 25 EURO)