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Human table football - Adventure park Hvar Jelsa


Fun game for everybody! Giant Table for 6-12 people at the same time! Human table football, some people say, is better than paintball! 


Our Human Table Football is a giant version of the popular barroom table football game and is great fun.

Players from each team take up their set positions on the playing poles.

The poles slide from side to side across a giant inflatable pitch but prevent the players from moving forward and backwards just like in the standard table game.

Soft football is used and the activity is suitable for all abilities and ages from 8 upwards.

The ref’s decision is always final so beware! Referees have been known to send players off for having loud hair, big moustaches or even for wearing silly shoes and you will definitely need a sense of humour to play this game!

Human Table Football is a hilarious and unusual game and can be added to any of our other activities for a totally fun-filled team-based experience.





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* it is not bookable alone 

You can also use it in custom-made programs

You can find it in our programs

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Minimal person: 6

Max person: (depending on package)




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