rent a fun activities

for your accommodation

Rent fun things to do in your house, apartments, villa or any accommodation on Hvar island

Probably for you, this is a new idea, and for us too :D

The concept of renting inflatables and games in the city for kids birthdays, events, weddings, corporate events or just for fun is a normal thing.

But did you ever think to rent something extra in a rented house on your vacation?

Most of the houses have many things, but we are sure they don't have our fun activities.

And that is o.k, not everybody wants the same thing.


Of course, you can still rent our activities for private events.


But when you rent a house or villa with your bachelor party, it will be great to have something extra for fun and challenges :D


You maybe pay for a big villa with a pool for your family and don 't plan to go much out, so why not to rent some pedal go-karts for your kid's for fun?


 Of course, we will rent our activities to hotels, bars, camps, if they want to supervise they guests with some fun event ;)


For now, our list is short, but we plan to add many fun things what you can rent for fun on your vacation. Some of the ideas are karaoke, bouncy castle, giant slides for pools, party equipment etc


For now, see our list below for possible rent per day!